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Deep Blue Group Boiler Feed Pumps Company, Boiler Room Part of Akay Industries Group
Deep Blue Group Boiler Feed Pumps Company, Boiler Room Part of Akay Industries Group

Deep Blue Company Group APIFLO-MH Series Boiler Room Pumps

Deep Blue Group Boiler Feed Pumps Company, Boiler Room Part of Akay Industries Group

1 General


◇ APIFLO-MH series of pumps are horizontal

multistage centrifugal pumps for handling boiler feed

water or other various clean mild liquids.

APIFLO-MH pumps are ofsingle casing type.

◇ Mechanical seals with cartridge design.

◇ Seal flushing and cooling plan according to the

standard ofAPI 610 and API 682.

◇ Hydaulics design with wider high-efficiency region to

esnsure pumps running efficiently under various


◇ Firststage impeller having high suction head increases the pump’s anti-cavitations ability.

◇ Axial thrusts are absorbed by the balance device

combined by balance disk and balance drum, it is

reliable and safe.

◇ Axial thrusts are mainly absorbed by balance device.

The residual thrusts are absorbed by self-lubricated

rolling bearings or forced lubricated sliding bearings.

◇ Suction casing, discharge casing, outer casing and

stage casing can be made of forging.

◇ Designed focusing on end-users’ convenience maintenance.


Deep Blue Pump Company, The company engaged in the manufacturing of international high quality centrifugal pumps to meet all requirements for the Water, Chemical, Petro-chemical and Nuclear industries!


About Us

Due to the significant expansion of our business activities in the petrochemical and offshore industry we are proud to announce you that we will position ourselves under one global trade name being Deep Blue Pump Company as part of the Akay Industries Group.


We are in the process of updating our website, www.deepbluepumps.com, and are working on different support tools like documentation and datasheets to assist you in making the right choice of product. As part of our sales strategy we also have increased our Sales force in which we are going to work with dedicated Regional teams which will specifically concentrate on Europe, Middle East and ROW. All contact information for these regions will be updated on the website. Your current contacts will stay unchanged. As part of the Akay Industries Group the name change will have no legal effect on agreements you have made with us in the past, certificates we have issued or quotations you have received from us under the Akay Industries and Akay Deep Blue Pumps trade name.Having one trade name will help us to expand even more and will give you, as our respected customer, more transparency on who we are and where we are already qualified and used.


We are multi location pump company engaged in the manufacturing of a diverse range of international high quality pumps.


We has closely understood and succesfully met the pumping requirements of the global industry.


Our constant endeavour to infuse new know-how into our product and continually upgrading our quality has made us a respected partner in the pumping technology.

As a result of our pronounced competitive edge in terms of skilled engineering manpower technological strenghts and infrastructure, we have earned an enviable position of being the internationally acclaimed pump manufacturer and one of the worlds most cost-effective options for global buyers.


In house manufacturing insures that we do not not need to depend on outside sources, even for the development of our new products.

deep blue group boiler feed pumps company, boiler room part of akay industries group

Deep Blue Group of Company: International Trade

With the purposes of maintaining its influential position in international trade and providing customers with the highest quality service, DEEP BLUE Co. optimizes the national resources of Turkey to reconstruct both clients and our country, and makes the best use of strategic significance of Turkey’s geographical position by focusing on all of the markets and trade routes in the country.


At present, Turkey is a rapidly developing country with its extensive areas of trade, and Istanbul, the city in which the headquarters of Deep Blue Co.  is located, is the boom town of the country.


Since we are conscious of the various business opportunities in Turkey, and trust in their world class qualifications, we provide our customers with products and services in our country if there is adequate feasibility.

Deep Blue Group of Company: International Trade


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